42% of Data Breaches Are Caused by Data Access Problems


Finally: Enterprise-Grade Data Provisioning for Hadoop


Role-Based Data Masking on The Fly


Fine-Grained Access Controls: Column, Row, Cell, and More


No More “One-Size Fits All” Security


Role, Purpose, and Attribute-Based Authorization Rules


Hadoop Data Access on Your Terms™

Hadoop’s disruptive, cost-saving potential is huge but many organizations are unable to take full-advantage of this due to Hadoop’s lack of enterprise-level data access and security controls. BlueTalon solves this problem. The BlueTalon Policy Engine fully safeguards your Hadoop data, and provisions and enforces your data access policies and controls on even the most sensitive data.



BlueTalon manages best-of-breed data access and security across all Hadoop access methods. We currently support SQL on Hadoop via Hive and Impala, and are shortly adding hooks to HDFS. With BlueTalon, multi-tenancy on Hadoop is finally a reality.



BlueTalon enables all of your role and purpose-based data access policies to be setup and managed from a single, easy to use application. These policies are then enforced by the BlueTalon Policy Engine, providing true enterprise data warehouse-level data provisioning and masking on Hadoop.



BlueTalon enforces all data access rules in real-time to ensure operational security as well as regulatory compliance. BlueTalon also gives you the ability to audit data access so you have a complete view of who is accessing what data, when, and why.

“Imagine your big data is the hottest night club in town. Everyone wants in. But as the owner, you have to be picky. BlueTalon is your bouncer.”




The potential for Hadoop at the enterprise-level is huge, but the challenge of secure, fine-grained data access has remained a blocker – until now.


BlueTalon fully safeguards your data, and provisions and enforces your data access policies across Hive, Impala, and coming shortly, HDFS.


BlueTalon extends existing Hadoop data access capabilities and unlocks Hadoop’s full potential by enabling you to use Hadoop to store and process even the most sensitive data to drive key decisions without compromising compliance or security.

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