The BlueTalon Data Server protects sensitive data without compromise. The BlueTalon Data Server protects data across different sources, including Hadoop, SQL and NoSQL. With BlueTalon, ensure compliance with policy-based data access.

Your company’s data is increasingly spread across multiple data architectures, and is accessed by many different users and applications.

BlueTalon safeguards sensitive data without compromise across multiple data sources, including Hadoop, SQL and NoSQL.

“Imagine your big data is the hottest night club in town. Everyone wants in. But as the owner, you have to be picky. BlueTalon is your bouncer.”


The BlueTalon Data Server ensures business users have access to the right data at the right time without putting the company at risk. It lets you:

(1) Fully protect sensitive data across Hadoop, SQL, NoSQL and other platforms.
(2) Provide fine-grained role and purpose-based access to data.
(3) Meet regulatory compliance requirements for HIPAA, PCI and many others
(4) Run queries directly on sensitive data without exposing it
(5) Increase data security by eliminating the need to move or copy data

Learn more about the BlueTalon Data Server and how Fortune 500 customers in financial services, healthcare, technology and other industries use BlueTalon in production to safeguard their data.




BlueTalon’s customers include: