EU GDPR and Big Data: Shorten the Path to Compliance

Big data projects are directly impacted by EU GDPR because of the volume and variety of data they bring together.
EU GDPR new privacy restrictions impact all data processes. Tighter access controls to data must be deployed on all big data processes, from data ingestion to transformation and consumption by end users.
Use the resources below to explore how to apply flexible controls to data processes and achieve compliance faster. The BlueTalon Data-Centric Security platform:

  • Delivers precise and dynamic Attribute-Based Controls (ABAC);
  • Unifies access controls across platforms in your big data ecosystem;
  • Improves efficiencies as ABAC are defined once and applied everywhere;
  • Enables business: gives users access to the data they need to do their job;
  • Supports Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and RDBMS.


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