Unified Data Access Control™

Control and Visibility across Hadoop, RDBMS, and NoSQL

Today’s businesses collect more and more data and need to explicitly define the scope of access that users should have to that data. Any disconnect between what data users have access to and what they actually need to do their job can leave companies exposed to unnecessary risks. As enterprises build big data environments, they must redefine how they control their data. BlueTalon delivers the best data control technology for today’s data challenge and keeps you in control of your data.


BlueTalon lets you define the most comprehensive and thorough set of policies that support precise provisioning and empower business users and developers to gain access to the data they need, not a byte more.


The BlueTalon Policy Engine delivers the most fine-grained control over data compared to alternative solutions and, combined with dynamic data masking and stealth analytics, provides even further protection for your most sensitive data.


With the BlueTalon Policy Engine, you can enforce a consistent set of data access rules across all users, enterprise data stores and any application or access method without having to rewrite queries.


BlueTalon auditing capabilities gives you full visibility over who has accessed which data, when, and for what reason. By continuously monitoring data access, you can easily flag anomalies.

“71% of corporate employees report having access to information they shouldn’t.”


BlueTalon: Consistent Policies Across the Enterprise

The BlueTalon Policy Engine enables you to define fine-grained data access policies that are applied to all users, all applications and across multiple data stores – Hadoop, SQL and Big Data environments.

Users can make any query from any application and get results compliant with the data they are authorized to access.

By enforcing consistent policies with BlueTalon, you can ensure that users have access to all the data they need to drive key decisions without compromising compliance or security.

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For any application query, users only get the data they are authorized to access