Exciting Day for BlueTalon!

22 Feb Exciting Day for BlueTalon!

It’s an exciting day for me to share the big news – Data Collective is an investor and Eric Tilenius is on-board as CEO!

It’s time to take a brief stock of what BlueTalon is and where we are going.

Working with early tough but fair customers, building the foundational product with the pioneer team, partnering with insightful investors like the Data Collective and now recruiting Eric as our new CEO – these are experiences that the founder in me feels fortunate to be a part of.

As a tech entrepreneur I am excited to work with an operator like Eric. He not only led multiple tech businesses in his previous life (two of which went public) but also has a keen insight into what’s happening at the confluence of Big Data, cloud and SaaS. And he is engaging to boot – our first one-on-one talking about virtual databases and what’s happening in the cloud lasted four hours. I knew he would be a fantastic partner!

BlueTalon started with a very simple observation – valuable data is everywhere yet not accessible to many who need it because the stewards of this data take their responsibility seriously. As they should!

BlueTalon exists to make collaboration on data locked in enterprise silos simple even outside the boundaries of a department or the organization while giving the data stewards the control of what is shared with whom.

Being able to share data securely has great implications for healthcare, financial, government, logistics, retail and other data intensive, privacy-sensitive industries. Our thoughtful board member, Scott Barclay’s industry experience has helped us contextualize our earlier customer success within a larger trend.

With the tremendous support of Data Collective, with Matt Ocko and Eric on board, I am excited about what we are going to accomplish now!

Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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