BlueTalon Featured Speaker at 2015 Cyber Security Exchange, Discussing Data-Centric Security as an Effective Line of Defense Against Data Breaches

logoCyber Security Exchange, CHAMPIONSGATE, FLORIDA—December 2, 2015—BlueTalon, a leading provider of data-centric security for Hadoop, SQL and big data environments, today announced that CEO Eric Tilenius will be a featured speaker at the 2015 Cyber Security Exchange, December 6-8 in Championsgate, Florida.


Who: Eric Tilenius, CEO, BlueTalon

What: Master Class: Keep Hadoop and Big Data Safe with Data-Centric Security

Where: 2015 Cyber Security Exchange, Omni Orlando Resort, Championsgate, Florida

When: Monday, December 7, 2015 at 2:40 p.m. ET


The way enterprises store, access and process data is rapidly being transformed as large-scale data initiatives and cloud computing make it easier and more affordable to collect large volumes of data that can be put to use for the business. But the increased complexity of enterprise data environments combined with more users demanding access to more data brings greater risk. Compromised user credentials is one of the single greatest causes of data breaches. While securing perimeter networks, servers and applications will remain imperative, it is no longer sufficient. Data-centric security has emerged as a proven line of defense to protect what matters most – the data itself.


In this session, Eric will outline best practices to implement effective data-centric security in hybrid environments with Hadoop, RDBMS-based repositories, on-premises and in the cloud deployments. Topics will include:

  • Getting the full benefits of data initiatives by giving users access to the data they need while protecting sensitive data
  • Enabling precise user and data authorization that matches the most stringent business needs for data protection and regulations
  • Dynamic data masking as a means to keep data secure from development to production
  • Adopting a data-centric security architecture where policies are defined once and enforced across multiple repositories delivering unparalleled flexibility to the deployment and management of data resources.


Additionally, BlueTalon is releasing its white paper titled “BlueTalon Data-Centric Security Platform: Bringing Order to Data Security Chaos,” outlining the changing data security landscape, and the role and impact of securing data directly at the database level. To download the white paper, please visit:


About BlueTalon

BlueTalon delivers leading data-centric security for Hadoop, SQL and big data environments deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Leading enterprises use BlueTalon to control their data, give users access to the data they need, not a byte more and gain unparalleled flexibility in the deployment of data resources. The BlueTalon Policy Engine provides precise authorization, fine-grained filtering, dynamic data masking, stealth analytics and auditing across applications and enterprise data stores. Based in Redwood City, CA, BlueTalon is backed by top tier investors including Data Collective and Signia Venture Partners. Follow BlueTalon at @bluetalon or visit



Anna Vaverka, MSLGROUP