BlueTalon – Teradata Partnership

Business Partnership

  • Teradata Partner since November 2016
  • Co-selling with Teradata at multiple Fortune 50 enterprises
  • Referral Agreement signed May 2017
  • One-off Resale Agreement available
  • Co-marketing with webinars and other joint marketing activities
  • Events like Teradata Partners October 2017

Delivery Integration

  • Les McMonagle, VP of Biz Dev at BlueTalon Established Teradata InfoSec CES
  • Enabling Teradata CES and ThinkBig team on delivering BlueTalon
  • Enabling Teradata Solution Architects on best-practices use of BlueTalon


Technology Integration

  • BlueTalon & Teradata product engineering teams delivering joint solutions (Presto, others)


BlueTalon Shared Vision for Partnership – Teradata



  • Unifying Data Architecture by Teradata
  • BlueTalon’s unified data access control fully aligned
  • BlueTalon fits UDA strategy
  • Enables Secure Data Lake
  • Integrating with Presto and Querygrid