BlueTalon to Reveal Roadmap for Unified Data Access Security at PostgresConf 2018


BlueTalon Executives to Explain Fine-Grain Access Control for Pivotal’s Greenplum Database

REDWOOD CITY, CA, & JERSEY CITY, N.J. – April 17, 2018 — BlueTalon®, a leader in data access security, announced today from PostgresConf US 2018 that its executives will present real-world customer implementations that include Pivotal’s Greenplum database.


BlueTalon’s Unified Data Access Control platform brings visibility and control directly to the data layer and protects what matters the most: the data itself. BlueTalon unifies data security across modern big data platforms – Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL – and RDBMS. Businesses can leverage Role-Based Access Controls (RBAC) for key data down to the user level and data element stored, while using Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC) that can evolve dynamically with the organization. The company is the choice for unifying data access control for companies that need to accelerate the deployment of data in environments with sensitive data, governance concerns or regulatory requirements.


“BlueTalon’s Unified Data Access ControlT seamlessly unifies and enforces security across multiple data platforms for major technology vendors, leading enterprises and Big Data environments,” said Eric Tilenius, CEO of BlueTalon. “We’re pleased that PostgresConf has recognized BlueTalon as a thought leader in securing Big Data by inviting our executives to speak.”


At PostgresConf US 2018, taking place April 16-20, 2018 in Jersey City, New Jersey, BlueTalon executives will share how its solution is enabling enterprises to meet demands to unify data access security across Greenplum, Hadoop and other major data platforms.


Pratik Verma, Founder and Chief Product Officer of BlueTalon, will share lessons learned from our customers’ experiences with simplifying data access security with BlueTalon on Greenplum in two talks:


‘How to Tame Mob Access to Your Data Lake’.
When: April 18, Wednesday at 1:20pm
Room: Liberty II-III


One of the largest Digital Industrial company uses Data Democratization policy framework to reduce the cost and complexity of reporting on financial data sourced from different ERPs across its multiple businesses, and uses the attribute-based access control tool from BlueTalon. The Data Democratization policy framework allows end users to access the subset of data based on the business they belong to or their finance functional area and is implemented using dynamic, attribute-based row filtering and column masking rules. Policies defined in BlueTalon are enforced identically across data platforms and enable dynamically created views of data that eliminated approximately 300 custom-coded views in databases, eliminated joins across large security table.


‘Securing Data Access in a multi-platform Data Lake’
When: April 18, Wednesday at 3:30pm
Room: Liberty II-III


Verma’s second presentation will delve into how one of the world’s largest Digital Industrial company uses BlueTalon to secure a multi-platform Data Lake containing Greenplum and Hortonworks Hadoop data platforms, ingestion and transformation tool Talend, and multiple commercial off the shelf (Tableau, OBIEE) and home-grown applications to land standardized and report on financial data sourced from different ERPs across its multiple businesses with 10 million rows, and eliminated duplication of logic in multiple applications.


Les McMonagle, Vice President of Security Strategy for BlueTalon will share how data access control and dynamic masking help address data privacy regulations such as GDPR in his talk:


‘Achieving Data Privacy Compliance in Postgres or Greenplum’.
When: April 20, Friday at 10:50am
Room: Liberty II-III


McMonagle’s session will provide a deep dive into the difference between data protection and data access control, how they can work together in a layered approach to data security and when you need more of one versus the other. The information provided will be applicable to GDPR compliance, HIPAA, HITECH, Omnibus Rule compliance and the hosting and processing of any sensitive or regulated data. Attendees will better understand what to do to ensure their Postgres or Greenplum environment is ready and capable of hosting and processing any sensitive or regulated data required in full compliance with applicable data privacy laws and regulations.


The 7th annual Postgres Conference brings over 700 hundred attendees from a diverse class of professionals and companies from around the world to discuss and learn about the interconnection between “People, Postgres and Data.”


About BlueTalon, Inc.


BlueTalon is the leading provider of Unified Data Access Control™ solutions for modern data platforms. BlueTalon delivers precise, consistent, and dynamic user access controls to data across Hadoop, SQL and NoSQL data platforms. Leading Fortune 100 companies rely on BlueTalon to eliminate security blind spots and gain visibility and control at the data layer. BlueTalon has won numerous security and big data awards. Learn more about BlueTalon at


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