Deploy Data-Centric Security to Protect Sensitive Data in Big Data Projects

It’s still too easy for hackers to bypass perimeter defenses and steal valid user credentials that give them access to millions of records.
Data-centric security focuses on securing the data itself and is a proven line of defense against massive data breaches. With data-centric security, everybody wins:
This paper provides insights on how the BlueTalon Data-Centric Security platform enables you to achieve the above.

  • Enterprises can pursue big data projects with the peace of mind that data is secure and regulation requirements are met;
  • Users get access to the data they need to do their job;
  • Security staff can manage security policies centrally and enforce consistent policies across Hadoop, SQL and other repositories, on-premises and in the cloud;
  • Your organization gains unparalleled flexibility in the deployment and management of data resources.

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