The Best Data-Centric Security


Today, enterprises collect and rely on more data than ever to run their business. They need to clearly define the scope of access that users have to enterprise data. With the majority of cyberattacks using stolen user credentials to access confidential information and 71% of corporate employees reporting having access to information they shouldn’t¹ , enterprises need full visibility and control over user access to data.

The problem is becoming more acute with the broad adoption of Hadoop, Spark, and other big data technologies. Greater amounts of sensitive data make it into data stores that are inadequately protected.

BlueTalon keeps enterprises in control of their data by allowing them to give users access to all the data they need, but not a byte more. The BlueTalon Policy Engine delivers the most fined-grained data protection, data filtering and data masking capabilities and ensures consistency of controls across multiple platforms, including Hadoop, Spark, SQL-based, and Big Data environments — even when deployed in the cloud.

Whether you have already deployed Hadoop, Spark, or are just getting started with a new data initiative, BlueTalon gives you visibility and control over who has access to which data. Contact us today to learn about our ground-breaking approach to data access and security.

¹ Ponemon Institute


    Chief Executive Officer

    Eric is a seasoned technology executive who has led multiple startups to successful IPOs, including and Netcentives. Eric is passionate about security issues and has helped clients such as VISA, American Express, AOL, and American Airlines implement secure technology solutions. At BlueTalon, he has built a security dream team and works closely with world-class corporations to revolutionize how data is kept secure and safe.
    Eric has held leadership positions at Oracle, Intuit, Zynga, Scale Venture Partners, Mayfield, and Bain. He holds an MBA from Stanford, and an AB, Summa Cum Laude, from Princeton.


    Founder & Chief Product Officer

    Pratik is a scientist entrepreneur who founded BlueTalon to eliminate barriers to the use of data in order to accelerate innovation in data-intensive and privacy-intensive industries. Previously, he led an enterprise software company he co-founded with his father to help corporate enterprises simplify data security at the organizational scale.

    Vineet Mittal

    Vice President, Engineering

    Vineet brings 24 years of distributed computing experience from market leading companies such as AT&T Labs, Sun Microsystems, and RSA. At RSA, he researched and built the first Security Analytics solution. Most recently, his work has been focused on Big Data, secure coding, and security management projects.