The World’s First Open-Source Based, Multi-Cloud Data Platform Built for Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics meets traditional business intelligence with Pivotal Greenplum, the world’s first fully-featured, multi-cloud, massively parallel processing (MPP) data platform based on the open source Greenplum Database. Pivotal Greenplum provides comprehensive and integrated analytics on multi-structured data. Powered by one of the world’s most advanced cost-based query optimizers, Pivotal Greenplum delivers unmatched analytical query performance on massive volumes of data.

“BlueTalon’s integration with Pivotal Greenplum is a significant development for businesses seeking a simple, fast, and effective way to secure their Pivotal Greenplum clusters. It means a single integrated management console can easily manage data security.”


Eric Tilenius, CEO of BlueTalon

Virtualized environment for easy installation on your desktop!


BlueTalon QuickStart for Greenplum provides a virtualized environment to make it easy to quickly get hands-on with BlueTalon for demo, and self-learning purposes. BlueTalon QuickStart VM also includes a tutorial, sample data, and scripts for getting started.


Please email to request your access to the BlueTalon QuickStart for Greenplum.


** BlueTalon QuickStarts are not intended or supported for use in production.

****The current BlueTalon Quickstart VM is based on Greenplum v5.3.

Pivotal Greenplum 5: Next-Generation Data Platform


As a major new release, Pivotal Greenplum 5 brings with it a number of product enhancements and additional features that most customers will find highly useful as they manage data and apply data science, analytics, reporting, and data insight methods to the information stored in the database. Greenplum is architected as a solution to manage very complex queries and to provide powerful analytics enhancements to ANSI-compliant SQL. By automatically partitioning data and running parallel queries, it allows a cluster of servers to operate as a single data supercomputer, performing tens or hundreds of times faster than either a traditional database or alternative platforms. It supports ANSI SQL with a number of analytic extensions and has several built-in languages and additional features provided through packaged extensions. Greenplum has the capabilities to manage data volumes ranging from hundreds of gigabytes to petabytes of data.


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