Control Your Data™

As your organization collects more and more data to support the business, you need to explicitly define the scope of access that users should have to that data. Too little control exposes the business to unnecessary risks yet too much limits the benefits realized from the deployments of big data environments. You need the ability to dynamically control data with the greatest level of granularity based on users’ roles and business needs.

Give users access to the data they need, not a byte more

BlueTalon keeps enterprises in control of their data. We empower users to access and benefit from the data that they are entitled to, based on their function in the enterprise, while maintaining enterprise-level security that reduces the risk of being breached. The BlueTalon Policy Engine serves as a bridge between users, the applications they use and the enterprise data repositories to provide authorization and protect data with fine-grained access control, data masking and stealth analytics.

BlueTalon has architected its data control solution to provide a unified approach to policy management that brings the right level of control and consistency across the enterprise, including Hadoop, RDBMS and big data environments. Policies governing users’ access to data can be role, attribute or purpose-based, can control data at the column, row, cell or partial cell level and are set up on an “author once, enforce anywhere” basis.


BlueTalon lets you define the most comprehensive and thorough set of policies that support precise provisioning and empower business users and developers to gain access to the data they need, not a byte more.


The BlueTalon Policy Engine delivers the most fine-grained control over data compared to alternative solutions and, combined with dynamic data masking and stealth analytics, further protects sensitive data.


With the BlueTalon Policy Engine, you can enforce a consistent set of data access rules across all users, enterprise data stores and any application or access method without any rewrite.


BlueTalon auditing capabilities over policies and user access to data gives you full visibility over who has accessed which data when and for what reason and over anomalies in data access.


BlueTalon enables precise authorization. Administrators can author and manage role-, attribute- and business- based data access policies from a single, easy to use console without the need to be familiar with any query logic.


With the BlueTalon Policy Engine, you can then apply significantly more fine-grained control over data than alternative solutions including the ability to filter data at the column, row, cell or partial cell levels. Combined with our dynamic data masking and stealth analytics to further protect sensitive data, you get the most granular control over any data. Data masking on the fly protects sensitive data from being visible to unauthorized end users without the need for duplicating data or views. We also support queries making logical use of sensitive and regulated data without revealing these to the end users.


BlueTalon works with any application and across data stores without the need to rewrite queries or to be knowledgeable about the data restriction made on the data. The BlueTalon Policy Engine receives queries from applications and parse them according to the rules available for the specific user before handing them over to the BlueTalon Enforcement Points. A policy-compliant result is then returned back to the user. This enterprise-grade policy enforcement approach operates on the fly with imperceptible impact on performance – a true game-changer.


The BlueTalon auditing capabilities capture all data requests and data consumptions at all time. You can monitor who tried to access what data, when, and whether they were allowed or denied access. You can also view the request made by the user and the modified policy-compliant query made on the data. This ensures demonstrable operational security, as well as compliance to HIPAA, PCI DSS and other regulations requirements.